Developing one piece puzzle "Alfred Strongman and his brothers "

This Montessori toy is fun and engaging early learning wooden toy!
A lovely wooden puzzle game for kids!
Wooden toy that in essence are durable and don't break easily. They can last all childhood or even through generations+ from our own and our clients experience we know how great this game is for deepening family bond by the act of participating in play. 

Wood game suitable for children from 2 years of age. Ideal gift for kids. 

Educational toy- you can learn balance, train fine motor skills and patience. 
This puzzle toy is good for coloring and painting it.

Eco-friendly puzzle made from birch plywood and covered with all-natural linseed oil safe-guarding it against alarming liquid scenes and granting that juicy coloring of the thoroughly fine wood.
5 x 7 x 1,5cm dimensions
Small puzzle set - 21 pcs. 
Big sets for educational chancels - 100 pcs., 300 pcs.

Developing one piece puzzle "BANANA "

Wooden puzzle "Banana" - balance toy, perfect gift for children. 
Can be used for various tower- a three-dimensional object, pile construction. Stacking puzzle made from birch wood. This wood toy can be painted and labeled.  

Unique gift for children from 3 years of age. Natural toy. Balance puzzle.  

Our ecofriendly toy to assists in developing small motor skills and spatial perception, train patience, sense of balance, stimulates creative thinking.  

Development game - it is possible to learn counting and subtraction. Additionally can be used as a puzzle game for 2 and more players with the aim to build the highest tower.  
Birch plywood bananas. Package includes 25pcs, one piece size - 9 x 3 x 1,5cm  

Educational game - constructor "Leonardo da Vinci bridge"

Leonardo da Vinci bridge balance  is a perfect way to remind how simple the genius is! Building awareness thru taking action.Simple yet elegant design! This educational game develops awareness of mind and motor skills as the process of building for 1 person is delicate process that requires calm perceptions. At the same time this balance game can be shared with a buddy creating fun and memorable teamwork experience! This game is a perfect and thoughtful organic gift for a wide range of ages from children of 7 years and up, up we go! Be it your study mate, uncle or grandma experiencing this Montessori toy stays equally delightful.
The scheme shows the process yet the player needs to put in some effort to reach end of wooden puzzle. Safeguarding of the product we entrust in cardboard box, holding all the pieces together.
Historically- Leonardo da Vinci in 1486 created an easy folding bridge for army. It was possible to assemble and disassemble by 2 people, and it was not necessary for attaching any nails or ropes. Such bridges soldiers used for quick and safe crossing the rivers. This bridge was created in time when the most powerful Italian family Borgia were the kings. And this is just one of Leonardo da Vinci many military inventions.
Now also you have the opportunity to build this unique structure!  

Brain teaser - puzzle "Hacking puzzle"

Wooden brain teaser - Hacking puzzle! Handmade puzzle with a fantastic and absolutely genius idea. 
Want to become a hacker? Want to crack the code? Do you like brain teasers? Go ahead, go! Our unique gift is waiting for you.
Puzzle game is intended for children from 10 years of age and adults.
You have to solve very simple task - put sticks in the correct holes of the one wooden block to shut up the second block and leave no gaps between blocks. Remember that there are only 7.5 million theoretical possible combinations ... Puzzle box - there are two wooden blocks with 15 holes with different depth and 15 pegs of different lengths.
Mind game help develop small motor skills and spatial thinking, train patience, promotes thinking processes. 
Local ash wood. In assisting longevity of our precious wood we used linseed oil.
15 x 8 x 9cm  

Family board game "Color logic "

Mind and community liberating natural toy.

Game set: base of the game, cap,  figures: yellow - 10 pcs., red - 10 pcs., blue - 10 pcs., green - 10 pcs., black - 30 pcs., white - 30 pcs.
Idea of the game
Find out: What colors your opponent hided?
You can think or figure out, because the other player will help you a bit. Out of 6 color figures (white, black, red, green, yellow, blue) under the cover the other player hides 4 different colors that should not be repeated.
On the first walk, you guess 4 colors by placing the figures in the holes in the first row that farthest from the cap. The second player (the one who has hidden the colors) will help you by showing whether the colors you have chosen are selected - with the black figures at the end of the row, showing that the color is correct, but in the wrong place, by showing the white color that the color is correct, in the right place . When evaluating the situation, you get the next row with 4 colors. So this game continues until the correct colors and correct order are guessed.
To solve the puzzle you have 9 strokes.
Good luck!  
Game for 2 players. Suitable for children from 7 years of age.

Patience game "Solo Noble "

A brilliant gift for children from 6 years of age and up, up we go!

It's a strategic game for one player:
Task is to take almost all balls from the base, like in checkers, and complete the game with one ball on the field. This game that improves the small motility of fingers, trains patience, promotes strategic thinking. The task seems quite simple, but it requires special effort to achieve it.
Or active game for two players.
By learning to play this game, it's possible to complicate the task - before you start the game, you can determine where the last ball will be in the end of the game.
Local reclaimed Latvian ash tree wood base 18cm diameter. Covered with oil safe-guarding it, and 32 metal balls. 
History of the game. Solo Noble was born in the 17th century, at the Royal Palace of Louis XIV, when scientist Claude August Bereu made it to the princess of Sobies, who was the king's favorite. There is an old engraving showing how the princess is playing this game.  

Strategical family game "Pyramid"

"Pyramid" is attractive game for 2 players. This is a game that plays on more than one level does challenge the smarts! 
This game is enjoyable and thoughtful gift for wide range of ages. Designed for children from 10 years of age as great kids puzzle and up we go! Can be using as family game.. helping us bond.

Expanding dimensions of thought it's training analytical and strategic thinking, learning to plan several steps ahead and anticipate opponent's moves.

This board games task is to stack all the balls in the pyramid. Winner's the one who puts his ball at the top of the pyramid. In these learning toys there are several types of strokes that prolong the game and make an unpredictable outcome of the game.

Tender design that pleases the eye and touch at the same time serving as a great entertainment "Pyramid" brings opportunity to spend a lot of time together with friends! Making this fun games purpose is to educate and bond. A fine embodiment of gift.

Base board- made from local Latvian ash tree the of reclaimed wood. In the final touch we used all-natural linseed oil
18 x 18cm
wooden balls- water based color. 15:15 Black'n'white
1,9 cm diameter